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Solution Features

• Safe, Efficient, and Accurate Temperature Monitoring • ±0.3° C (±0.54° F) Temperature Measurement (with blackbody)

• Long-distance Rapid Screening at up to 4.50 m (15.0 ft), Monitoring 30 People per Second

• Enhanced Power and Data Transmission Distances (ePoE)

• Recommended Use in Commercial Buildings, Healthcare Facilities, Airports, Metro Stations, and Public Gathering Locations

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The Dahua Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solution is not FDA-cleared or approved. The Solution should not be solely or primarily used to diagnose or exclude a diagnosis of COVID-19 or any other disease. Elevated body temperature should be confirmed with secondary evaluation methods (e.g., an NCIT or clinical grade contact thermometer). Users, through their experience with the Solution in the particular environment of use, should determine the significance of any fever or elevated temperature based on the skin telethermographic temperature measurement. Visible thermal patterns are only intended for locating the points from which to extract the thermal measurement.

Dahua Technology launches the industry’s latest thermal camera, which is capable of highly accurate body temperature measurement ±0.3℃ (with blackbody). With built-in AI algorithm, it can measure multiple persons from up to 3-meter distance, enabling fast and non-contact access. Useful for detecting Fevers!

Want fast Body temperature detection solution? Dahua Body Temperature Measurement Camera can provide the most efficient, visible & Real-time solution.

Louisville Fire And Safety offers complete turnkey solutions to fight the Covid-19 virus spread within your facilities. Our expert service technicians can install, calibrate, and setup these systems with minimal interruption to your business. Local as well as regional service and installation is available to get your business back up and running while meeting the need to properly limit access to those who may be infected with Covid-19 virus.

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