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Our Story

In 2002 Louisville Fire & Safety was founded by the Cox brothers with one singular goal. To become the leader in the full spectrum of fire, safety, and security services in our area. It took some blood, sweat, tears, and personal sacrifice, but we made it exactly as planned. More importantly, we did it the right way. No cutting corners around here. This was done by investing our time and resources to continuously improve ourselves, not focus on the competition. The most important assets we possess are knowledge of NFPA standards, 25+ years experience in the industry, and familiarity with our marketplace. In 2015 our company was shaken to it's foundations with the loss of one of our founding partners and little brother, Justin Cox. We now strive to honor his years of hard work and dedication by continuing to provide un-matched expertise in the fire protection and safety industry. 

Louisville Fire & Safety does not employ a sales force. Our technicians are trained to consult based on NFPA guidelines. They work on salary, not on commission, ensuring you are consulted based on your needs, not on how much money the technician needs to earn that week.

Doing business with us means the same technician that consults with you will also be performing and/or managing your account, ensuring you receive exactly what we promised. Our trained fire protection and safety experts will provide you with the best answers over the entire spectrum of your concerns. Our goal is to send you a neat, knowledgeable and courteous technician who is focused on fulfilling your requirements.

A slick salesperson may seem fancy and sophisticated, but the presence of a salesperson means two things:

  • You, the client, will have to pay the salesperson's salary.
  • The company that employs the salesperson is focusing on gaining market share and increasing sales not on you, the client.

Louisville Fire & Safety has grown steady and strong without heavy advertising, without a sales force, and without lowball pricing and gimmicks. Growth based on honesty, integrity and keeping our word to clients.

So, when an aggressive competitor tells you they can do it all for Less. More than likely you can expect LESS professionalism, LESS knowledge and LESS personal attention. If you care about receiving value for your investment in fire protection and safety services, Louisville Fire & Safety is the only choice for you.

In Loving Memory Of Justin Cox (Bubby) 
Co-Founder and baby brother
1981 - 2015
We couldn't have done it without you!

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