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Service and Maintenance
Our service management program will track your service requirements so your annual inspections will be scheduled and completed on time. We can even do your required monthly inspections.

Our certified technicians sell, install, recharge, and maintain all types of commercial fire extinguishers. Your extinguisher is from another source—no problem, we can service those extinguishers as well. Even though we mainly work with commercial and industrial companies, the public is always welcome to stop by our office and select a new fire extinguisher for home, auto or boat or to have one serviced.

We carry extinguisher accessories, such as:
          • Signs - Required locally by code, valuable for locating a fire extinguisher in emergency situations; available in flat adhesive or 3-D projection styles
          • Brackets - Variety of approved brackets designed for use with your extinguisher and mounted according to fire regulations whether on a wall or transported in a vehicle
          • Covers - Regular or heavy duty in all sizes of portable and wheeled units to protect an extinguisher from dirt and weather conditions

We carry a full line of fire extinguisher cabinets that come in a variety of different styles including recessed for aesthetics, locking style for protection against misuse or theft, or for indoor and outdoor needs. We can provide you with cabinets that are attractive and fit most decors and price ranges.

New Equipment

Louisville Fire And Safety sells all different types of fire extinguishers that meet state codes, OSHA requirements and insurance company recommendations. We have commercial grade equipment in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Whether the extinguisher is designed to outfit your place of business, home, vehicles and/or watercraft, we have the right equipment to meet your needs in case of a fire emergency.

Whether you have just an extinguisher or two for inspection, or need a comprehensive maintenance plan for a large facility, we look forward to providing you and your business with high quality extinguishers and service that you can depend on.

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